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  • Expedition 385, Guaymas Basin Tectonics & Biosphere (Sep-Nov 2019 on JR) Application deadline: April 15, 2018; Webinar: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time. To participate in the webinar, you need access to the Internet and a computer with a microphone and speaker capability or a telephone. To register, click the following link: Exp. 385 Webinar. After registering, you will receive an email response with instructions on how to join the webinar.

For information on UK Moratorium Awards to support post-cruise research see the NERC webpages.

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EGU 2018, IODP Sessions of Interest (abstract submission deadline passed):

  • Session TM3.  ICDP-IODP Town Hall Meeting on Scientific Drilling.  Convener: Thomas Wiersberg  | Co-Convener: Nadine Hallmann 

  • Session EOS18.  ECORD IODP Outreach: Past, Present and Future.   Convener: C. Cotterill  | Co-Conveners: Jean Luc Berenguer , Ulrike Prange , Dan Brinkhuis. 

  • Session US4. Fifty years of International Ocean Drilling. Convener: Helmut Weissert  | Co-Conveners: Giuliana Panieri , Gilbert Camoin. 

  • Session BG5.2/CL1.12.  Linking microbial communities and climatic archives: the influence of the subsurface biosphere on terrestrial and marine sediments (co-organized). Convener: Camille Thomas  | Co-Conveners: Daniel Ariztegui , Mark Lever , Patricia Roeser , Monica Sanchez Roman. 

  • Session TS9.1/GD7.3/SM 4.16.  Plate tectonic processes in the oceans, from continental rifting to seafloor spreading and subduction initiation: insights from scientific drilling, marine geophysics and ophiolites (co-organized). Convener: Marco Maffione  | Co-Conveners: Antony Morris , Gianreto Manatschal , Marguerite Godard.

  • Session TS10.2.  Hypervelocity impact cratering: Mechanics and environmental consequences.  Convener: Ulrich Riller  | Co-Convener: Michael Poelchau. 

  • Session TS7.1/GD5.6. From Subduction to Collisional belt: Geochemical, Petrochronological and Geophysical constraints on Lithospheric Structure and Composition (co-organized). Convener: Antoine Triantafyllou  | Co-Conveners: Julien Berger , Carlos J. Garrido , Serge Lallemand.

  • Session SSP1.2.  Achievements and perspectives in scientific ocean and continental drilling.  Convener: Jan Behrmann  | Co-Convener: Thomas Wiersberg.

  • Session CL1.33.  Polar continental margins and fjords – climate, oceanography, tectonics and geohazards.  Convener: Kelly Hogan  | Co-Conveners: Matthias Forwick , Jan Sverre Laberg , Berit Oline Hjelstuen , Michele Rebesco , H. Christian Hass , Gerhard Kuhn.