Impact Capture

The UK IODP Programme Advisory Group are currently working towards developing a case for the renewal of the UK programme in 2018.  As part of this endeavour it is important for us to identify and catalogue the impact arising from IODP science undertaken in the UK.  We have already identified a number of impact case studies which are currently being drafted, but we would appreciate input from you via an online survey to identify more so that we can further populate the portfolio.

NERC defines ‘impact’ as the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy.  This includes:

  • UK competitive advantage: creating and growing new national and international markets and businesses, attracting inward foreign investment.
  • UK policy leadership:  informing policy and regulation (for example, through understanding the process of environmental change).
  • Improving UK business performance: improving and optimising existing business.
  • Transforming UK public service: enhancing public health and wellbeing; saving the public sector money; enabling a resilient society.

Why should you complete the survey?

  • It will be good for UK IODP especially as we approach an external review for funding renewal;
  • It will be good for your institution;
  • It will be good for you as a researcher!