Old Data, New Tricks

Sally Morgan, UK IODP Knowledge Exchange Fellow

On 24 September 2015, UK IODP co-hosted a one-day seminar with the London Petrophysical Society at the Geological Society in London.  The seminar brought together representatives from Oil & Gas Companies, Service Companies, Academia and other interested parties to discuss the topic of ‘Old Data, New Tricks: fresh challenges, mature targets and scientific oddities’. Collaboration and innovation are critical for the advancement of technology and the improvement of understanding any subject.  In the Oil & Gas industry there is much scope for both.  The seminar provided a platform for highlighting the use of petrophysical data in collaborative and innovative ways, through reviewing old well data or utilising data from scientific ocean research projects for frontier exploration, the novel use of measurements to improve formation evaluation and the conventional use of data in new environments or for unusual purposes.  The 11 talks presented through the day were divided into 4 sub-themes: old data, mature targets; old data, fresh challenges; old data, new tricks; new tricks, integrating scientific and commercial data.  There were presenters from both industry and academia, including 4 presentations that centred on IODP expedition data.

LPS_ODNT_KEF_Sept15 It was a very successful day with 50 people attending from around the country from a range of organisations and institutions.  The seminar provided an unusual opportunity for showcasing the many and varied uses of commercial and scientific data in the field of petrophysics.


The London Petrophysical Society (LPS), a chapter of the Society for Petroleum Well Log Analysts (SPWLA), hosts regular evening meetings and quarterly full-day seminars at the Geological Society (Burlington House, London W1J 0PG) to promote education and knowledge transfer in the scientific and technical aspects of formation evaluation.  The LPS, sponsored by companies including BP, Shell, BG Group and Schlumberger, is a lively community with active members from across the hydrocarbon industry and academia.  Their events provide ideal opportunities for collaboration and networking.


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